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Our story

Brandimarte’s Family, after various years of experience in the galvanic treatments, founded in 1970 Galvanelettronica. Entrepreneurial spirit, plus the experience of Mr Franco Brandimarte have permetted  to develop the company in various branches technologically very advanced.

We operated from the beginning in telecommunications and microwave markets for terrestrial and space scopes. During the years we specialized our capacities in military, avionics, naval, automotive/motorsport, medical, railway, broadcasting, electronic and electro-supply branches.

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We are certified ISO 9001:2015.
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Galvanic treatments


Galvanic treatments on metal parts

We treat aluminum, copper, iron, steel I materiali che trattiamo sono alluminio, rame, ferro, acciaio, titanium and their alloys. Our quality system is developed and certified as for EN ISO 9001:2008.


Selectives galvanics treatments

You need a personal study for a project, or you have a specific need? Galvanelettronica performs selectives galvanic treatments. It means that:

  • Coat only the surface you need
  • Coat one surface with different thicknesses
Galvanic treatments
Galvanic treatments with environmental awareness


Attention to the environment

Galvanelettronica is very careful to the environment. For this reason, during the new factory design, we chosed to recover 100% of water used during the process.

To realize this project we chosed 2 lines Demi. After the process, with ion exchange system, we recycle 100% of the water used and we used it again with a closed circuit.

We have a physic-chemical system to realize this process divided by lines in a way to treat separately remaining of treatments with aluminum alloys.

Our qualities

Customer care help us to improve our quality and technology and sign our way to increasingly developed markets.

Technological innovation

We look to the future of our branch, we built it.

Compliance with environmental

We take care of our planet.


We work as you want. In the right way.


Our skills are available for you.

You need information?

If you need more information or a personal solution don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.