Electrolytic silvering

We propose professional silver plating treatments for industries on metals and metal parts. Treatment often precedes metal rhodium plating. Rhodium deposited directly on silver makes the object shinier, increases its resistance to abrasion and protects it from blackening.

The Silver, in contact with atmospheric agents, become black. The conductive capacities remain the same but if you need to maintain external aspect, we can propose you a passivation, to slow down this effect.

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Other galvanic treatments



Electrolytic silvering is one of the best treatment for conductive and protective characteristics.



Gilding is principally indicated for the conductive characteristics and for the resistance to the corrosion and the oxidation. Treatments are made with pure gold 99,9%.

Rhodium plating


Rhodium plating is a treatment, very resistant to the corrosion and with good conductive characteristics too. Is Indicated for electrical branch.

Chemical Nickel plating

Chemical Nickel plating

Treatment to choose if you need a with a coat with a very regular thickness independently of the shape of the piece.