High quality of galvanic treatments for industry

We are specialized in galvanic treatments on metal parts. We treat Aluminum, Copper, Iron, steel. Titanium and their alloys.

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We make besides usual galvanic treatments, the selective too. It means that we can coat the same surface with different thicknesses or only a part of it.

What is galvanic treatment?

Galvanic treatment is the electrochemical or electrolytic deposition of a thin deposit of a metal or alloy. The galvanic coating modifies the surface properties of the substrate, both aesthetically and from a technical and functional point of view. By means of galvanic treatment, for example, mechanical and electrical properties or corrosion resistance can be improved.



Electrolytic silvering is one of the best treatment for conductive and protective characteristics.



Gilding is principally indicated for the conductive characteristics and for the resistance to the corrosion and the oxidation. Treatments are made with pure gold 99,9%.

Rhodium plating


Rhodium plating is a treatment, very resistant to the corrosion and with good conductive characteristics too. Is Indicated for electrical branch.

Chemical Nickel plating

Chemical Nickel plating

Treatment to choose if you need a with a coat with a very regular thickness independently of the shape of the piece.

Galvanic treatments


Main sectors on which we work

We are making galvanic treatments from 1970. We operate from the beginning in terrestrial and space telecommunications and microwave sectors. During the years we added following sectors:

  • Military
  • Avionics
  • Naval
  • Automotive/motor sport
  • Medical
  • railway
  • Broadcasting
  • Electronic and electric
  • Aerospace

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We are certified ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management Systems.
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